Month: May 2011

When Tears Turned to Roars

While I can certainly see the death of Bin Laden as retribution and understand the solace it brings, it doesn’t make me want to shout “U-S-A!” or belt “God Bless America”. It doesn’t send me scurrying to don my most patriotic red, white, and blue ensemble. It doesn’t make me high-five guys or pop champagne. This wasn’t a sports victory or the Fourth of July.

I’m a TCK and I work in hospitality

“For a career in the hospitality industry, you have to have impeccable interpersonal skills, a curiosity for people and cultures, patience and a desire to help others,” said Fiona Foxon, sales and marketing director with Quintessentially. “It sounds terribly superficial, but it’s also so important to be presentable and positive.”