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Today’s Zaman features Third Culture Kid family

It’s always exciting to see Third Culture Kids featured in mainstream press because of how rarely it happens. For years, the only coverage I ever saw was in the International Herald Tribune, which is a newspaper with a predominately expatriate audience. But even they only wrote about TCKs a few times a year, if that. Today’s Zaman is one of the main English language newspapers in Turkey — and they wrote a profile about a mother-daughter TCK pair, Brigitte and Mira. Since I wrote a piece about TCKs raising TCK children, I was really interested in what Brigitte had to say about raising her 4-year-old. From the article: “Both my husband and I are working to equip her with the skills to deal with a global world,” Brigitte emphasized, adding, “Mira’s already aware of different languages and cultures as we go to Germany to visit relatives and visit a lot of other places, too.” Read the full story at Today’s Zaman.