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Random Things To Know If You’re Moving to the U.S. For College

You might look and sound like an American, but we know that you’re an American pop culture n00b. Here, the Denizen editorial team helps explain some tricky American quirks that college TCKs may stumble upon.

“Pre-Gaming” means drinking before going out. I always thought it was related to a sports game and would get giggles when I would ask, “What game is on tonight?” – Christina Dormhardt

Crosswalk lights are not suggestions, but law. – Christiana Lilly

Prices of items in stores are not negotiable. Also, they don’t include a tax that the register will add in sneakily. – Christiana Lilly

Foreign driver’s licenses are constantly viewed as fakes or illegitimate IDs. Get a state ID or bring your passport. – Johnny Chuidian

They call them “flip-flops.” Never call them thongs! – Johnny Chuidian

People are all about their area code, as in “I’m from the 949 (Irvine/Orange County, California),” or “Oh, you’re from the 925 (East Bay in Northern California), that’s hella far!” Subsequently, saying your country code — as in “I was born in the +63 (Philippines) but lived in the +65 (Singapore)” — will just give you puzzled looks. – Rob Oandasan

You can’t bargain in department stores. – Wazha Dube

“Quesadilla” is not pronounced the way it looks. It’s pronounced “kay-sa-di-yuh.” – Steph Yiu

You shouldn’t freak out when people have never heard of your country. Or think that it’s in China. – Wazha Dube and Christina Dormhardt

Now, it’s your turn! Got some more random tips? Help out your fellow college students and share it below!


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