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If you’re new around here, you might want to read our About Page, or learn what Third Culture Kids are.

Denizen is a collection of essays, articles and stories about Third Culture Kids. We’ve been publishing since 2008, so there’s quite a lot of information on the site. Here’s a quick introduction into our sections:

Experiences: where Third Culture Kids share their unique stories in personal essays.

Careers: where we interview folks who grew up internationally and have gone on to find success in their careers.

Relationships: where we spotlight how Third Culture Kids form relationships, either with family members or significant others.

And finally, you might want to check out our cool infographic on the lives of global nomads, our Third Culture Kid’s Guide to College, or the article that started it all.

If you love, please take a moment to tell your friends about it. We volunteer a lot of time and energy into putting together this community, and our only rewards are your comments, likes, and shares. Would really appreciate your help in spreading the word. You can find us on Twitter or Facebook.

Thanks for visiting!


  1. denizenfollower says

    I am really blessed to come to know about this website.Being TCK’s in the states this website really helps to learn a lot.


  2. Aushra Shivitskis says

    How predictable of me, being a TCK to be studying to become a social worker!


  3. Tristan Engen says

    I just recently learned of the term “third-culture kid” and I feel so relieved that I can finally put a term on what I’ve been experiencing. I knew that my perspective on life was somehow different from others, but I hadn’t realized that it came from my immigrant mother and jobless father (lol). I had thought that I had depression for so many years while I was moving from place to place. Bless that I was able to find this blog. XX

    p.s. this all makes me feel really bad for all of my exes now tho :/ and made me realize why I can’t keep a girlfriend lol.


  4. Ranjana Ranganathan says

    I loved the experiences of TCKs from diverse cultures and backgrounds. I understand there is a lot more to the world than I think I know!
    Thank you for compiling the notes


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