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Working, TCK-style.

I’m a TCK and a Celebrity Hairstylist

Although he was known in celebrity circles beforehand, stylist Ted Gibson really gained notoriety for his skills with scissors and shears when he joined the What Not to Wear team on TLC – a television show that revamps nominated people who deem themselves as folks with no style. Superficial on the outset, it winds up being a moment of growth for the person, typically a mother who has neglected to do something nice for herself, or a woman who met her weight loss goal but still hasn’t gained the confidence to show off her new body. As a hairdresser, Gibson is one of the last stops on the show and gives the person’s hair a makeover, completing the process. “A lot of women don’t know how incredible they can be and how incredible they can feel,” Gibson said of the ladies who sit in his chair. The show ended in October 2013, but he’s still busy as ever. With two namesake salons open the W Hotels in New York City and Fort Lauderdale, he travels …

Aliens in Hollywood

To understand why it is arguably more difficult for a non-U.S. resident to break into Hollywood than into a more common occupation (Computer Programmer, Engineer or Banker), you need to understand the following things about Hollywood.