Denizen is an online magazine and community dedicated to people who grew up in multiple countries, international school alumni, or Third Culture Kids.

What is this about?

Third Culture Kids are the citizens of the future. We are the international nomads that possess the cross-cultural views and diverse experiences that are necessary in a ever-shrinking world. We are the leaders of tomorrow, perfectly positioned to help others navigate this globalized society.

Unfortunately, we also struggle with identity, relationships, visas and careers in our unique TCK way. Denizen’s writers hope to help us muddle through these challenges by fostering an online TCK community.

TCKs are rarely citizens of the places they live. Instead, they are denizens, people who are “admitted rights to residence,” people who become inhabitants after “regularly frequenting a place.” We hope that Denizen will become your online home, one that you’ll regularly frequent to share your unique TCK experience with others who simply “get it.”

Who makes this?

Denizen relies on a team of volunteers and contributors who are focused on one sole purpose: to celebrate the modern global nomad experience with attitude, expression and creativity.

Denizen was founded by Steph Yiu in 2008. Steph grew up in Singapore, but has also lived in Hong Kong, Taipei, Edinburgh, Portland, Chicago. She’s a journalism grad from Northwestern University, and has worked and interned at various publications, including The Oregonian, The Boston Globe and Chicago Tribune. She currently lives in Cambridge, MA and works for WordPress.com. You can find Steph on Twitter or on her blog. She also gave an informal talk about Denizen in 2012, you can watch it here.

How do I get involved?

We’re so glad you asked. More information here!

Who is funding this?

Denizen exists solely as a community effort and does not receive any payment through advertising or sponsors. In other words, no one is paying us to do what we do – we are rewarded by your likes, comments and shares. If you love Denizen, please take a moment to leave a comment, or tell a friend about the site.


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  5. Great concept! I’ve had an idea for my own magazine for a few years and this has given me insight on where to start and what I can accomplish.

    Thank you. Keep up the great work!


  6. Karen says

    I’m so happy to find this! Do you have any way of helping people find others in their area?


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  11. Barbara Premdas says

    I’m in my 60s and discovered the term TCKs last week for the first time. Understanding the concept, it has energized me incredibly. I never realized that I was part of a like-minded community, 230 million strong. Thank you for celebrating our strengths and differences. A lot of unconscious frustration and confusion about my attitudes, choices and beliefs have been erased as I contemplate my background through another lens. Thank you for binding us together!

    Liked by 1 person

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