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For me, sunsets feel like home

Many TCKs are avid photographers. We can’t help but try to capture the moment, since our worlds are always changing. In this series, we ask you to sift through your photo libraries to discover what you love. Submit your five photographs, and why you chose them, to Here is Rob Oandasan’s “my five.”

It’s tough for Third Culture Kids to find a common thread in all the places they have lived and visited. As much as we might like (or dislike) the constant changes we go through, deep down we would still like to find something that stays constant, regardless of where we are. These constants come in many forms: friends, family, food…

Mine are sunsets. I see it as the ultimate constant. They are always there, regardless of where you live. For me, it is the only thing that can remind me of all the different places I have lived and visited. In one moment, I can see how similar and different all these places are, both in space and time.

And ultimately, they’re just mesmerizing to look at, regardless of where you are. This is my five.


1. Ilocos Sur, Philippines
Sunsets remind me of my childhood and home. I took this in 1995, when I was at the beach in my father’s province of Ilocos Sur, Philippines.


2. Makati City, Philippines
This was taken in 2008 near Makati City, Philippines. It is an area that is rapidly developing with businesses, residences, shopping and nightlife. The place did not even exist when I was growing up in Manila.


3. Laguna Beach, California
Sunsets remind me of how lucky I am to be enjoying one in a beautiful place. This was taken in July 2007 in Laguna Beach, California, near the University of California, Irvine, where I went to college.


4. Tikal, Guatemala
Sunsets tell me it is the end of a long day, and that it is time to relax. I took this in April 2007 on top of one of the Mayan ruins in Tikal, Guatemala.


5. Las Vegas, Nevada
Sunsets also tell us when it is time for our cities start to light up. This I took in December 2006, showing the Statosphere Hotel lit up Las Vegas, Nevada.


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