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Global nomads arts project needs your help

Artist and dancer Alaine Handa is working on a  multi-disciplinary arts project about global nomads, third culture kids and cross-cultural kids. It will incorporate visual art, short film, live music, spoken word/monologue, poetry, photography, animation, dance pieces that tell stories about individual TCKs.

The project will be presented in New York City by University Settlement and A.H. Dance Company in spring 2010, and they are hoping to tour the project globally.

But, she needs your help — she needs to find ever-elusive TCKs to interview.

Here are instructions from Alaine. You can always contact her at, or check out the project’s blog:

I have been interviewing NYC-based TCKs lately and want to extend my invite to the rest of you. The video is for the documentary film I am currently putting together.

Everyone will be credited in the film and programs of course! If you live in the NYC area, I would love to set up a time to interview you in person. In person interviews are much more efficient b/c I also ask other questions in addition to the following questions. I am very interested in YOUR story. If you want to share YOUR story with other TCKs/CCKs this is an outlet for you to do so.

-Please make sure there is enough light.

-Talk clearly and enunciate every word loudly into an external microphone or the built-in microphone to your camera/computer.

-Fuzzy videos will not be included in the final film.

-Upload all videos to – sign up for an account, its free. I can download the .mov or quicktime movie version directly from the site.

-Please title the video your name followed by AHDanceCo. example: Alaine Handa AHDanceCo

-Send me the link at

Here are your list of questions:

1. What is your name?

2. Where were you born?

3. What is your heritage?

4. Where have you lived & how long at each place?

5. What is your definition of “home” and how is it different from those around you?

6. Where do you consider “home” and why?

7. Do you have interests in the following: foreign languages, international
relations, travelling, international politics, different cultures of the
world, etc… Yes/No
If so, do you think your background has helped you develop these interests?

8. What are your thoughts on globalization? Current political situation?

9. How are your thoughts on world affairs different from those around you?

10. Do you plan on incorporating a large amount of travel with your career?

11. Any last comments to future Third Culture Kids/Cross Culture Kids, any words of wisdom?

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