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TCK Links: Interesting News from Around The World

A collection of interesting news tidbits from around the world.

The United Kingdom’s National Archives recently launched Africa Through A Lens, a photo collection of thousands of images spanning more than a century of African history, documenting an interesting history of colonial Africa.

A few years ago, Hong Kong changed a law to allow weddings outside of churches and City Hall, leading to the rise of McWeddings: weddings inside McDonald’s restaurants. The New York Times gives us a fascinating look into the unintended effects of globalization.

As New Zealand rebuilds from the tragic earthquake last month, Kiwis get creative in their fundraising efforts. One man raised $44,000 in an online charity auction by selling the 25-ton boulder that crashed through his home.

A London ice cream shop unveiled a new ice cream made with human breast milk, prompting health officials to confiscate it. Check out the profile of the shop by the Daily Mail.

Middle East
With so many protests breaking out across the region, the New York Times launched a page tracking the latest news, Twitter updates and general facts about each country.

North America
A former assistant secretary at the US Department of Homeland Security writes a guest column in the Boston Globe arguing to lift the H1B visa cap, which would allow more high-skilled immigrants into the country. According to the column, 25 percent of America’s high-tech startups had an immigrant founder and 25 percent of America’s international patents were based on the work of immigrants.

South America
Haikaa Yamamoto, a TCK singer-songwriter born in Brazil recently launched a global collaborative project called “Work of Art,” an album about TCK identity and diversity sung in 19 different languages. Listen to her songs here, and check out Examiner’s interview with her.

From the Blogs
Danica Newton is a TCK who blogs about her life in New Mexico and her childhood growing up in Papua New Guinea. In this particular post, she talks about her experience re-acclimating to the United States.

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