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You Know You’re A Global Nomad When…

Here at Denizen, we’re thrilled to introduce you to our new project: “You Know You’re A Global Nomad When…

This is based on a well-known meme in the Third Culture Kid community. But, we wanted to turn it into something that everyone in the Denizen community can contribute to.

So, now we’re inviting you to join us! We would love to hear your voice. Please finish this phrase with a word, a sentence, a photograph, a video, a smile.

“You Know You’re A Global Nomad When…”

Add your submission by clicking this link.


  1. Julie says

    Okay, I’m gonna have to go back to my blog post on being an MK and see what ones can apply more generally to being a TCK!! I know I’ve got several!!


  2. When you have your frequent flier, hotel points and passport numbers memorized, but aren’t sure about your social security number, have five phone numbers for different world regions and have yet to get a drivers license.


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