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TCK Poetry: Segregation

Illustration by Meghana Khandekar

Illustration by Meghana Khandekar

Illustration for Denizen by Meghana Khandekar

the accordion of my wallet splits neatly into
two symmetrical sides, lined with pockets
containing memberships to two lives:
hong kong dollars and american pennies,
a yellow metrocard tossed in casually on one side
and my octopus card on the other, the card cover being
a freebie from the street that also contains my
hong kong SIM. it occurs to me that
i no longer remember this number
off the top of my head, yet i still can’t
bring myself to call this shoebox
on 79 washington square east home.

in this wallet, two lives sit together
without touching,
a far, far cry from reality.

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  1. Hannah says

    I can totally relate to this; I bought my current wallet precisely because it had different bill slots to keep all my different currencies separate from one another. Dollars, euros, and renminbi…money from home, home, and home.


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