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Places I love

Many TCKs are avid photographers. We can’t help but try to capture the moment, since our worlds are always changing. In this series, we ask you to sift through your photo libraries to discover what you love. Submit your five photographs, and why you chose them, to This is Devika Parashar’s “my five.”

Living in a place is infinitely different from vacationing there, even if you do it every year. As a Third Culture Kid, I’ve had the honor of both living and visiting a multitude of places in my lifetime. The following five photos represent places I’ve discovered that remain near and dear to my heart. This is “my five.”

1. Destin, Florida. Though I’m a resident of Southern California, I seem to only take photographs of places I’m vacationing. At the time this was taken, I was visiting my brother who was stationed at Englin Air Force Base in Destin, Florida. We were driving over the bridge to where he lived in Niceville. Taking the 5-mile trip across it, this moment really reminded me of why the U.S. is known as “America, the Beautiful.”

2. London, England. Having close family that lives in the U.K., I now try to visit them almost every year. I love London because I find it one of the most multi-cultural places on the planet. Heck, the official dish of England is tandoori chicken! Yet, I don’t think this is a side of London that people get to see. I took this picture on an afternoon jaunt for dosas with the family.

3. The Sahara, Egypt. Tourists really miss out on the beauty of a place when they stick to visiting the “standard” places. When one vacations in Egypt, they think pyramids, bazaars, the Egyptian museum. After spending a year in the Middle East, I’ve discovered that deserts present one of the most beautiful landscapes on the planet. This visit to the White Desert later prompted visits to the deserts of Morocco and Jordan.

4. Cairo, Egypt. This photograph was taken during Ramadan in Egypt, the holy month of fasting for Muslims. That night, I had just eaten Iftar, the breaking of the fast at sunset, with a few local friends. The mosque pictured is the second holiest in Cairo, and I think, the most beautiful when pictured at night.

5. Singapore, Singapore. This may be a bit of a touristy photograph, but pictured is my Lion City! I was born and lived in Singapore for 12.5 years and still very much consider it home. I took this in 2004, just before I left Singapore for college in Southern California. I’ve visited it once since then, and the food still tastes as spectacular as ever.

What are your “five?” Email your submission into


  1. Jim Diebley says

    Hi Devika!
    I came across your name and articles via the Denizen magazine. Great to see what a wonderful young lady you have grown up to be! Drop me a note when you can.
    Mr. D


  2. Sennia E. says

    Ah…Singapore looks absolutely gorgeous. If my parents have it their way, my family will be heading off to the Lion City next year.

    As a 21 years old ATCK, I’ll be at university the whole time. I REALLY miss the good old days. 🙂


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