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Special moments across the world

Many TCKs are avid photographers. In this series, we ask you to sift through your photo libraries to discover what you love. Submit your five photographs, and why you chose them, to This is Anne Konig’s “my five.”

“The only constant in the world is change,” my friend told me during a summer internship in Berlin. There are no words that could be any truer, especially for a Third Culture Kid. There is no constant in our lives other than the constant moving, the constant adaptation to new environments, languages and mentalities. It’s hard to find a common theme for all these environments, but every environment has its “special moments.” There are kinds of impressions that you will keep in mind forever, things that will create a connection to a specific place, memories that will shape your life and identity.  This can be anything from a particular moment to an entire summer. All that really matter is that you will always remember that moment, that thing, that time. Special moments. This is “my five.” 1. Luxembourg – second heart of the European Union after Brussels. Although I was not born there (nor did I live there until I was twelve), it has been a big part of my life. This is where I spent my teens, where I attended high school and where I spent all my time before going to college in the U.S. I still have many friends left in Luxembourg who are almost all TCKs, but who all come back for Christmas and parts of the summer. It is this place I go back to every year to see my parents, and it is a reminder of my high school years. 2. This is the view from my apartment in Chicago. It points to the East, so in direction of Europe. I look out of this window a lot, not only to remind me of the part of the world that I consider home the most, but also to simply think and enjoy the wide view. I love the light that comes in from that window and how the scenery is different every day. It is amazing to watch how the colors of the sky change with weather and time of day. 3. This is the Christmas market in Frankfurt am Main. I love this place. I have a lot of family in Frankfurt, as my parents are both originally from this area and so I have been here many times. I have this special connection with this city because it is my typical connecting point between the US and Europe. I leave from here and fly back in here. Also, I always stick around for a couple of days to enjoy time with my family; especially around Christmas, my favorite thing to do with them is to explore the Christkindlemarkt. 4. This is Berlin – maybe not the prettiest part of the city, but Berlin is not really a pretty city anyway. However, it is the most astonishing city I have ever been too. I worked here for a summer and absolutely loved it. The people, the energy, the feeling of the city. There is something about Berlin that is inexplicable. Either you don’t like it or you are completely drawn into it. Although I have only been there for such a short time, I have completely fallen for the charm of this city. 5. And this is my final picture. It was taken at the Montmartre in Paris nearby the Sacré  Coeur. I have never lived in Paris but I have been there so many times that I lost count. My brother lives here and my best friend as well. I took this picture when I was sitting in a Café with her, eating delicious French Crêpes. I like this picture because it has this old romance to it with the elderly couple, the artist and the musician. It was one of the moments that happened so naturally and were still so perfect.


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